Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rumble Strips

You’re my favorite distraction, 
  The mechanical rabbit
  Racing around my track.
I need you.

You’re my radar-detector,
  The speed bump
  Saving me from myself.
I need you.

You’re my voice of caution,
  The yellow flashing light
  That slows my pace.
I need you.

You’re my rest-area-just-ahead,
  The rumble strips
  At the end of my exit ramp.
And I need you.


Annamaria said...

Trying again to tell you this was wonderful, I loved it. anniex ps thank you for looking at my blog

maze said...

Thank you annie! I'm so glad eric sent me your way.

Nodressrehearsal said...

I'm here! I finally got a blog set up!

I cross-posted one of my livejournal posts to get it started.